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Little Death Leather

Slappers - Impact Toy

Slappers - Impact Toy

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These leather slappers are comprised of two flat pieces of leather that make a satisfying "slap" against one another or against someone's flesh, hence the name "slapper!" They're small and compact, perfect for packing away for travel or hanging off a belt loop with the attached ring.

There is an option for heart cutouts or not. The cutout version has a more stingy sensation whereas without cutouts, it stays more thuddy.

These can be made with any leather colors on hand, or you can add the custom color option under "add-ons" in the shop for any color you can dream of, or even add the color blocking option for a multicolor slapper! These are able to be customized with all the same "add-on" options as any other leather piece (stamping, hand painting, etc)!

Don't forget to include your desired color swatch in the cart notes!

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